Pancreatitis in Pets—An All-Consuming Problem

Pancreatitis is an unfamiliar condition to most pet owners, perhaps because the inflammatory condition often has no obvious cause, classic signs, a clear diagnosis, or a well-defined prevention plan. Instead, pancreatitis is a vague, sometimes confusing, aggressive condition that is only discussed when the sick pet is on the examination table. Highlands Veterinary Hospital wants [...]

9 Tips to Keep Your Senior Pet Happy and Healthy

Pets are living longer, thanks to advances in veterinary medicine and better owner care, but as your pet ages, they need extra care and attention. Our team at Highlands Veterinary Hospital wants to provide tips to ensure your pet remains happy and healthy. #1: Ensure your senior pet receives regular veterinary care Senior pets should [...]

10 Signs Your Pet Needs Emergency Veterinary Care

If your four-legged friend shows signs of illness or injury, you naturally want to immediately rush them in for veterinary treatment. However, not all your pet’s issues require emergency care. When you’re in the thick of the problem, though, determining whether your beloved pet is truly in need of veterinary attention can be a challenge. [...]

The Itchy Pet: Summer Allergies and Your Pet

At the end of a busy summer day, all you want to do is relax—but your pet won’t stop scratching. You nod off briefly, only to wake up to your pet’s shaking head, jingling collar, and fervent scratching—again. The more they scratch, the more upset they become, and the irritation that started in a single [...]

Shedding Light on Shedding Pounds: Pet Weight Management

A pet’s weight can be a sensitive topic. The love we feel for our companions runs deep, and we do not want to accept that they are suffering. Realizing that we have likely caused, or at least contributed to, their condition can be hard to accept. Perhaps you recognize your pet’s struggle and feel defeated [...]

Protect Your Pet From the Wild Animal World

You and your pet enjoy a good ramble in the wilds of Montana. You routinely come in contact with wild critters while on these walks, and have wondered how safe your pet is around these animals. The team at Highlands Veterinary Hospital offers tips to help keep your pet safe around local wildlife. How do [...]

Prevent the Peril of Heartworm Disease

Montana historically has a lower heartworm disease incidence than other states—see this incidence map—but the heartworm risk in our state is growing. Increased mobility of people and pets truly means "it's a small world" with regard to heartworm spread. When a dog moves here from a hot, humid climate, such as the southeastern United States, [...]

5 Ways to Ensure a Stress-Free Veterinary Visit

Does the idea of heading to the veterinary clinic with your pet invoke feelings of stress and uncertainty? At Highlands Veterinary Hospital, we know that veterinary-related pet anxiety is real, but it doesn’t have to be commonplace. Learn how to decrease your stress level, and your pet’s, so you can both experience a calm, carefree [...]

Why Does My Cat Do That?

Domestic cats are closely related to their wild ancestors, who look like tabby cats, and currently live in Europe, southwest Asia, and Africa. Although your beloved cat may enjoy a sun-filled snooze on a pillow, they still have their wild cat genetic programming. The Highlands Veterinary Hospital team answers eight common cat behavior questions, and [...]

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